Examples Section Not Showing Code

I was looking at some examples on the arduino.cc website, and the code will not show up. Under the word Code:, I get a message saying the website can not be displayed. Is anyone else having this problem?

That looks like an internet connection problem and not a site problem.

It’s happening the same to me, and I’ve seen other members of the arduino forum with the same problem.

See the OP’s second post.

Here’s the text that appears: (images and schematics above it show up fine btw)

Not Found

The requested URL /svn/trunk/build/shared/examples/Digital/Blink/Blink.pde was not found on this server.

I’m receiving the same message as well.

Yeah… It’s only the code section… Schematics and info, ect. are ok.

Works fine for me. Are you guys getting it on EVERY page, or just some? I checked the link in the other thread and it looked OK.

I’ve seen it under Learning->Examples->Analog I/O (any of the project pages under that label); this was reported by another user in another thread. I passed it on to one of the mods last night…