Exceeding MPU6050 G limit

Good day to all, i have a little project where im building an airbag system for offroad use.

The concept is simple, if the vehicle crashes and picks up G of 15 and beyond it will send 12v to the airbag triggering it to detonate.

My question is will the mpu6050 respond after reaching 16g? Causing the airbag not to detonate? Or will the 12v be sent out as the G force builds up?

My question is are you comparing the current g's to the max' g's before deploying the thing bags?

Another question is how does a mpu6050 produce 12 volts?

You see, without schematics, and codes the world may never know.

It will clip if driven over the maximum output range, and break totally at extreme G values
(the datasheet ought to say this).

You should be aware, though, that airbags typically cause injury (they are designed to prevent
worse injury, not prevent injury), so I don't see any way you can test such a system ethically.

Placement of airbags is crucial too, as wrong placement can kill. False triggering is something
to think carefully about, as this could easily injure, and also create a subsequent accident for
which there is no airbag protection.

Everything to me says "this is not an amateur project, there is severe risk to life - this is how
to get a Darwin award". Basically unless you really know what you are doing, and go through
a series of instrumented crash-tests, you will increase the risk, not reduce it.