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Although the Crowduino or the Crowduino Uno-SD is cheap enough, but how about DIY an Arduino board by yourself? That is what the instructables article: How to make an Arduino from scratch introduced to us:

In this article, the Author detailed show us the steps to DIY an Arduino board, including the bootloader burning, LED and crystal installing, with breadboard and so many wires. But the most important step in this work is burning bootloader for the atmega328 IC, besides the Arduino IDE, some capacitors and resistors , and a 12M Crystal are needed, there is also a detailed explanation at: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP

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12M? 8M or 16M will be needed to bootload the part as an Uno or other '328P based board.

Hello CrossRoads,

it used a 16M crystal, and it is 100% compatible with official Arduino UNO R3. Thank you.