Excited to start using LCD, but...

I can't find a way to solve a problem: what do I enclose (at least) the LCD in? I looked at a 3D printer (way too expensive) as well as checking out both classic and digital photo frames. I looked for broken or for-parts LCDs on eBay; no luck. It is also possible to make one from scratch with bondo, but I don't have the equipment nor the personal health to do that.

Has anyone come up with a sokution, or am I going to end up cutting out a frame from a a sheet of cardboard?

Well, if your LCD is 3.2, 4.3 or a 7 inch size, you can purchase a ready made bezel from 4D Systems from Australia. They are available in both black and white versions, US distributors are Mouser and Sparkfun. You'll have to rig your own mounting clips to hold the LCD in place if you're not using a 4D LCD. It's not too difficult to duplicate their frame with small brass angle from a hobby shop. I have used the 3.2" version and while it cost darn near the same as the LCD, it made a very professional looking installation.


Oh,a bezel. It really helps to know the word I need to search for. Thank you :slight_smile: