Exclude non English results when searching in forum?

Is it possible to exclude posts not written in English in search results? Some of the searched I have made so far is full with results that is not relevant since I do not understand them. I see I can choose categories to search in, but I want to exclude International category instead of selecting all other categories one by one. Is it possible somehow?

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One option could be using Google for the search:

It has a language filter. I realize that this results in the loss of some very useful features of the forum's native search functionality, but sometimes those search features aren't needed.

If you are only searching for information, rather than wanting to participate in discussions, you could consider just using Google Translate to render everything into English. I find that the resulting translations are almost always perfectly understandable. There is surely a great wealth of knowledge contained within all the non-English language posts here.

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I agree with pert, mine is set for automatic translate. However one user got upset because I did not respond in French. How do you know what the original language was all I see is english.

I haven't found a perfect solution for that. What I am doing now is using this official Google Translate Chrome browser extension:

Most often, my own use of Google Translate is for my moderation duties when I need to determine the correct forum category to move non-English language topics to when they are created by newcomers in the English language categories. In this use case, I select the non-English text in the post and then click the extension icon on the browser toolbar. This shows me both the language and the translation of the text.

However, for browsing the forum, selecting any text you want to read is not very convenient. In this usage, I click the extension's icon in the toolbar, then "TRANSLATE THIS PAGE". This translates the entire contents of the current browser tab in place, and does the same for any new pages you open in that tab. That is the same behavior as the Chrome browser's integrated translation feature. Where the extension is superior is it adds a bar at the top of the browser to indicate that it is in this translation mode. That indicator is valuable because it reminds me that the original text of the post I am browsing may not be in English so that I won't forget and reply in English, which is understandably not welcome in the non-English language forum categories. Unfortunately, in this in-place translation mode, the extension doesn't provide any indication of which original language is being translated. However, for the sake of purely browsing the forum, that information is not so essential.

Maybe there is a better option. For me, the extension approach is far superior to the way the built-in translation feature works, and it works well enough for me, so I thought it worth sharing, but I'm certainly interested in hearing about any approaches other forum members have found to be useful.

I have this in forum settings
Screenshot from 2021-04-18 19-49-12

There is no site setting per user but for each category it is possible to set the search priority from the category settings (from ignore to very high) . You can then either lower the search priority for categories in languages ​​other than English or raise the priority for categories in English or which should appear first in the search results.

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The translator works both ways.

It's not clear to me what you mean. Are you explaining that we can reply to non-English topics by translating our replies from English before posting them?

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