exe file with arguments to send via serial port

Hey, I am not so good with programming, but I do know one language and I can make a pretty decent GUI to do stuff, but that language is just for high schools, and can't work with much peripherals (parallel port works though, but I'm on a laptop), it can launch other programs from itself.

Does anybody know of a .exe program that I can add an argument (byte) so it sends via the virtual com port that the FTDI chip uses? Or, any .exe program that can send a single byte from a text file? (I can write to a file and tell the other .exe to read that file and send what's in the file down the serial port)

basically what i need to do is, i want something to happen when i click something on my screen, or a robot to move when i use arrow keys, i can do all that except i have no way to use the serial port.

You could try using Processing - it seems to be quite able handling serial communication as long as you use the serial library. It can be used to read text files, but you might want to consider building an application in Processing as it really isn't too difficult - it was designed for that very purpose after all!

I spent the morning reading the processing site, good stuff, although the program flow is weird (to me, who is used to C and C like languages), what's the term for a language that works like processing?

edit: Wow, even if I don't do any graphics, looks like some key commands to the arduino is going to be a piece of cake. Also would be great for mapping.

I believe it is Java based so I guess that java would be the language! I too like Processing as it fits with the Arduino nicely - hope the project goes well.