.exe in arduino? Feasible?

Is it possible to run a simple .exe through arduino. Such as having notepad.exe loaded into arduino or s/d card and having arduino run it?


With Gobetwino you can start the application on a PC.

Suppose this were possible--why would you want to? How would you connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the Arduino? What would you want to edit?

Someone has booted Linux on an AVR by writing an ARM emulator (it takes about two hours to boot to the command prompt) and storing the image on SD, so I'd say, yes, it is feasible.
But not at all sensible.

My idea was to have something like a nintendo 64 emulator on arduino. Then you connect a controller to arduino and the arduino to a tv using the yellow slot at the back. Can't remember the name of the cable or the slot. Then you play a few preloaded games.

You are looking at something way, WAY beyond the capabilities of that platform. Do some googling and have a look what hardware the N64 actually used. Then bear in mind that to emulate a system like that in software normally takes a shit-ton more system resources (which is why Playstation emulators will certainly not run on PCs with equivalent spec!!). Compare that to what even the top-end Arduino boards have, and you'll see why you'd want to look elsewhere :slight_smile:

thank you all who replied. I really appreciate it.