Executing command: exit status 1 When attempting to connect device

I am getting this message when I attempt to configure my MRK 1000 device to add to the cloud:

Executing command: exit status 1

I am using Ubuntu OS I installed the plugin recommended for linux. I am using Firefox browser. When I attempt to connect the device, the Arduino interface “sees” my device and recognizes it as a MKR1000. I have also reconnected run sudo update and sudo upgrade.

Initially I was getting an that the device could not connect because permission was denied to connecting to ttyACM0. I seem to have resolved that error by adding the user to the group and logging off and on again. Now I repeatedly get the error Executing command: exit status 1.

I have restarted the Arduino plugin and reconnected the device and I still get the same issue. I search the forums and other internet search, and most of the posts addressing this issue were posted in 2017. Their recommendations apply for connecting a device to the Arduino IDE and not for connecting a device to the Arduino IoT cloud. Cannot find a post referring to my current issue and how to resolve it. Under the error message it said to post to the Forum if the issue continues so I making this post.

Any recommendations on resolving this issue is appreciated. Thanks.

Very few of us use the Arduino Web Editor.

I am using Linux Mint 20.1 and I prefer using the Arduino IDE.

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