Exhaust temperature sensor, lambda sensor


Are there anyone who has ever tried to connect a boch labda sensor to the arduino board?

What about exhaust temperature sensor? up to 1000Celsius?

How is the input data from these sensors and how do i find a suitable sensor?

thanks :)

It's been many years since I dealt with lambda sensors, and even then I was using a circuit designed by someone else.

What I remember is that it's a very high impedance circuit, with a very small output signal, and a real pain to deal with. This was back in the days of bipolar op-amps, so it might be easier now that CMOS chips with 40 bajillion Ohm input impedances are cheap and easy to get. But back then, the input circuit was so sensitive that even the oil residue from handling the boards with bare hands was enough to make it unreliable. When we want to prototype a circuit, we'd taken a production board that had been cleaned and conformal-coated, and hacekd into the ouput of the preamp to get a good signal.

You need to make sure that you don't trust the output from the sensor until it's had time (tens of seconds) to get up to exhaust temperature. You also need to apply some hysteresis to the signal, because the transitions between "rich" and "lean" values are relatively slow by electronic standards: the original controller design, based on simple CMOS logic, needed a lot of tweaking to keep it from oscillating during the transitions.

Bosch used to publish a nice databook that had a lot of useful info on its sensors (including some very educational application notes). I don't know whether it's still available, but it'd be worth spending some effort to find a copy.