Exit Status Errors

I'm pretty new to working with arduinos and the programming language C. I'm working on a project that requires multitasking and I began with this code https://learn.adafruit.com/multi-tasking-the-arduino-part-3/overview The Ring1 completes aren't in the right order or the code doesn't call them correctly, I've tried putting where it defines the Ring Completes before where it uses them and it comes up with another saying that Ring2 is not defined on this scope. Is there any answers for this or any tips that anyone can give me?

Please post the program that is causing the problem.


This is the code I can't post it all here because it exceeds the maximum character limit.

But you can attach your code to a post.

Ok heres the code

Multitasking.ino.ino (10.5 KB)