Exiting Arduino 11 crashes Win XP - BSOD!

Have only just bought and started playing with my Arduino. I'm quite impressed so far how easy things are but have come across quite a serious problem.

Ardiono 11 runs fine and I can load, compile and upload sketches. I can monitor the serial link with no problems while a sketch is running. The problem comes when I click on the close window icon. Suddenly I get a blue screen of death and then my PC reboots. I have no problems with any other software on this PC but Arduino kills it.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any clues as to what I can do to diagnose it?

Thanks Mark

You might try using the run.bat file instead of arduino.exe.

Also, Arduino comes with a pretty old version of Java. You might try downloading a more recent version and deleting the java/ folder in the Arduino application directory. (If you want to use run.bat with the new Java version, you'll need to edit the JAVA_HOME variable in the file.)

Running from run.bat didn't help but using the latest version of java (which I already had installed) did!

Many thanks for your help.