Exoskeleton hand project

Hello all! I have developed an exoskeleton hand for stroke survivors with an arduino nano, a servo and some bar linkage mechanisms. The aim of this project was to help stroke survivors to rehabilitate since one of my closest friends had a stroke two years ago and I wanted to do something with my abilities to help her. Right now I am participating in a competition for the G20 summit in Germany. This project could potentially help a lot of people if I win the competition. You can go to the link and then click on the like-button under “Vote now”

I’d appreciate it if you could share it with your family and friends :slight_smile:

You can see a video of the project in the link, also if you have some questions of how I did it or maybe suggestions to improve the exoskeleton I’d really appreciate it.

Closed desiggn15.png

Design15 V.0.png

A question. Where did you get the articulating mechanisms which bend the fingers?

I did them myself. It was the most difficult part of the project as every patient has different sizes.

I did them myself.

I wondered. They do have a custom look to them.

good job~