Expanding input/output

I have 2 encoders, 3 switches and 2 DC motors to control but not enough pins in the arduino. I'm sure there is something to expand the input/output in the arduino but I don't have any idea what is it. Can anyone tell me how can I do this?


Links to the components please.

And more details of your project and is purpose, so we can give you the best advice we can.

From your description, you should have enough pins, so there must be something important we are not aware of.

Which Arduino, and how many pins do you need.
Analogue pins can also be used as digital pins.

Just find out the Mega has 54 input/output. I guess that is going to be more than enough for what I need.

Thank you guys

Even an Uno should have plenty of pins for this.

2x2 for the encoders (maybe even just 1 per encoder?), 2 for the motors (or 2x2 if it needs direction control), and a 3 for the switches and I see 7-11 pins needed. The Uno has 20 total available. No need for a Mega for a small project like this.

The price difference is not a big deal so is probably better to have some extra pins.

Thank you