expected '}' at end of input

i am making an obstacle avoiding robot (with ultrasonic sensor and 2 360 servos), and when i press verafiy it says expected } at the end of input, the code will be listed below,

#include <Servo.h>
#define echoPin 7
#define trigPin 6
Servo leftservo;
Servo rightservo;

void setup (){

pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);

void loop()
int distance,duration
if(distance >7) // for going forward
leftservo.write(360); // left wheel forward
rightservo.write(360); // right wheel forward
else // obstacle detected turn left
leftservo.write(-360); // left wheel backward
rightservo.write(360); // right wheel forward

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Your code compiles cleanly on my system.

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I get a different error:

sketch_jan14a:37: error: expected unqualified-id before '?' token


It seems there is a hidden garbage character at the very end of the sketch. Remove it and the sketch compiles without error.

However, if you turn on warnings in your File > Preferences. You will get a helpful message:

C:\Users\accou\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_213566\sketch_jan14a.ino:23:10: warning: value computed is not used [-Wunused-value]



I’ll give you a chance to look at that code and figure out what’s wrong.


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What model Arduino are you using?

The code compiles for me as a UNO, Win7 and IDE 1.8.5

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: