Expected primary-expression before

bprime [i, j] andx[i] it is array

In theoretical chaos it is a logistic function

Can we cut out the middleman here, and just see the original MATLAB code?

x (1) the initial condition of the system
x (i) the logistic function

so obviously MatLab code is not C.

yes it is matlab I try to translate to C

It also appears that MATLAB arrays index from 1, not 0

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yes it is

This video is about converting matlab code to C code.
See if it helps.

RV mineirin

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Thank you mr. I will watch it

The binarisation code looks like it could be a lot simpler - you certainly should not be using pow()

I do not know . I only know some basics in Arduino so I try to use pow ()

Well, don't - it isn't suitable

so how i should do for (a>=1/(2^k)) ?

2^k in MATLAB raises 2 to the power k.

In C++, you could write it 1 << k, for non-negative integer values of k

ok thank you