Expected unqualified -id before 'reinterpret_cast'

I took a sample code from a website which was recommended by the instructions on my bot and whenever I upload the sample code I get this. I will post the code ( I am kind of new to this and note much experience with c++).

#include “Constants.h”
#include “IOpins.h”

int volts; // battery voltage
int pause=-1; // a value of -1 means the battery voltage is ok, 0 and 1 are used to flash LED on D13 when the battery is flat
byte pen;
byte turn;

int lspeed; // left speed -255 to +255 (negative values are reverse)
int rspeed; // right speed -255 to +255 (negative values are reverse)
int dspeed=80; // draw speed +50 to +200

volatile int rcount;
volatile int lcount;

void setup()

Serial.begin(57600); // initialize serial interface - 9600 baud
pinMode(Ldirpin,OUTPUT); // set left direction pin as an output pin
pinMode(Rdirpin,OUTPUT); // set right direction pin as an output pin
pinMode(Srvopin,OUTPUT); // set servo control pin as an output pin

digitalWrite(2,1); // enable pullup resistor on D2
digitalWrite(3,1); // enable pullup resistor on D3

Up(); // start the program with the pen raised


void loop()

if(volts<lowbat || pause!=-1) // once voltage falls below lowbat value
lspeed=0; // stop left motor
rspeed=0; // stop right motor
Motors(); // update motor control pins
if (pause<0) Up(); // make sure pen is raised when battery first falls below lowbat value
pause++; // increment pause
if(pause>1) pause=0; // toggle pause between 0 and 1 once battery is flat
digitalWrite(13,pause); // flash LED on D13
delay(200); // set flashing LED speed
return; // reset loop
// current is proportional to voltage and power = voltage x current
// As the battery voltage drops dspeed increases to maintain a constant speed

dspeed=26214/volts10/volts; // draw speed power correction factor=100% when battery=5V (analog reading = 512)
8/10; // adjust speed to reduce overshoot


What's with all the one letter function names? A function name should describe what the function does. That, typically, means a noun and a verb. That is a minimum of two letters. Many one letter names are already claimed. It is likely that that is the cause of your problems. Of course, that's strictly a guess as the code is not complete, and there are no links to the libraries or the site you borrowed the code from.