ExpeditInvaders, a glowing shelf you can control with your foot!

Hey guys

I just finished my project "ExpeditInvaders", I hacked my Expedit Ikea shelf! I added 40 LED modules to it and glued a keyboard on the bottom of the shelf. Now I can change the colorset or animation with my foot!

Links: Blog entry: http://neophob.com/2012/08/expeditinvaders-the-spiced-up-ikea-shelf/ Flicker: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelinvaders/sets/72157630988401736/ GitHub: https://github.com/neophob/ExpeditInvaders

I hope you guys like it, if you have questions I'm glad to answer them.

Cheers Michu

Finally a reason to buy those Ikea shelves 8) They do look great. Thanks for sharing this Michu