Experience level and age?

ok. did you answer my questions? do they help you understand my perspective?

I read your questions and comments, I responded to those parts I felt I had something to say about. I'm not sure I properly understand your perspective, I'm not sure if I can. I can, however, accept it as your perspective while not agreeing with it.

I know you were replying to Perry, however.

I understand your goal. I believe it is simply not doable.

I've read excellent posts (answers) from folks who seem to be in the younger category and have read pure misinformation from folks who have been in the forum of a long time. I sure these long timers believe they know what they are doing.

Its kinda like asking a phone scammer "...are you telling me the truth?..."


it's certainly doable to have some checkboxes in your profile information in addition to About Me, Timezone, Location, Web Site, Profile Header (??), User Card Background (??) and featured Topic (??).

but of course it's voluntary and it's less likely that a first poster would have that information filled out.

of course there are the high students, but then there are inexperienced users where english is a 2nd language. some are foreign high school students, but i've helped at least one german graduate student with analyzing sensor data.

in another case, the person had a hard time communicating but had a very specific problem, measuring the thickness of metal. i think he was older, maybe an engineer of some sort. very frustrating. i may have had more patience if i knew he was a student. i would not expect many OPs to be professionals, although I was with a hardware question.

but i'd like to know the backgrounds of some giving advice, especially adamant advice

Stroustrup advised developers in his 3rd edition not to use C++ features unnecessarily. i'd like to know if a response is from someone with a superficial understanding, or someone who has been tortured debugging or modifying someone else's poorly written code because i can learn from them.

and sometimes, the hobbyist has a better answer for a fellow hobbyist

if you want to know more about the person, because you think you can give a better answer knowing that detail - you could simply ask the one on the other end of line.

Imho thats more efficent than a flag, a badge or some self description which might contain some bs.

just 2cents from a non professional Arduino user, getting paid for something, non English native speaker (obviously), living outside of US (not the worst thing), non retired (unfortunatly) because to young (thanks God) .

ask? as in a private message is more efficient that simply looking at a profile. and what prevents the "message", if that's what you meant, being bs.

seems like a big argument against having a way to provide this information is that it requires honesty.

Guess what, Perry? Turns out that's actually an insult to bodgers! They were skilled wood-turners. Seems it's botchers that are incompetent. :laughing:

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Your correct, I should have said "effective".

I've said my opinion so I'm going to drop off this thread.

I know my answers are not always correct and I try to learn something when someone corrects me.

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