Experience of FreedomPOP?

FreedomPop are to launch their free mobile phone service in the UK this Summer. The allowance isn't as generous as in the US but nevertheless sounds interesting.

At first I thought it would be ideal for data uploads but then I noticed the need to download an app for either Android or iOS. Does anyone have any experience of using their service with Arduino and GSM/GPRS or is it not possible?

I am trying to use a FreedomPop sim card in a Seeeduino GPRS board. I'm not very good with Arduino, but I think the example sketches are sufficiently simple that even I can prove it does not work, at least not out of the box. I tried a couple, one that uses the APN and one that doesn't. The former could not connect to the web and the latter could not send a text.

If you or a friend has a Project Fi phone, they offer a data-only sim as an add-on and that will be my next try. Pay only for the data you use at $10/GB.