Experienced Programmer having simple troubles upgrading to Nano Every

Hello All,

I have been programming for 30 years. Mainly a Mac guy. But I fell in love with the arduino and am preparing to embark on a fairly large arduino project.

I did most of my testing and prototyping with an arduino nano. But I decided the nano every could suit the project better. So I went out and got a 6 pack of Nano Everys to start working with. I am using Arduino Create over the web. I have a MacBook pro and am running chrome. I have my arduino plugged into a powered usb hub.

Here is my problem. My system recognizes my nano just fine. I write to it debug with it perfect. I plug in my nano every in and Nada, nothing. I ask the little pull down menu to look for a nano every and it cant find it. Then, I plug my nano back in and it finds it perfectly.

So, after a lot of very tedious, debugging sessions, I am still running into trouble.

So, what am I doing wrong? I'm sure this is a newbie issue but I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance.

Make sure the USB cable is completely plugged into both the Arduino board and the PC.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different cable.

Either of the above can result in the power connections being made (and thus LED lights on the board), but no data connections (and thus no port for the board).


All my troubles can be traced to cables. This is very frustrating and embarrassing but it's the reason for my current trouble and ALL my past troubles.

I was using a Micro type B cable with NO data wires.

I think being a Mac user, with Apples own set of USB cables compounded my issue and made things more frustrating. USB cables I have for charging batteries and portable lights don't always have data wires and not knowing which was which even after learning that there even is such a beast was causing my woes.

Glad I'm over this.

Just wanted to post the solution and hope if anyone has this problem they may find this answer in less time than it took dense ole me.

Peace out.

You're far from the first to have been given a headache by those charging cables. I've been there myself.

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