Experimenter's Guide project CIRC-03- Where do the motor pins go into the board?

Hello, I am having a lot of trouble finding out where the pins for the motor go into the board in the Experimenter's guide project CIRC-03. It does not seem to be marked on the breadboard sheet and when I inspect the diagram closely, it appears that two pins are going into the same hole which seems to be physically impossible. I have watched an assembly video and found other posts on this experiment but they too have inadequate visibility. As I am new, I do not have enough knowledge to make an assumption about where these pins should be placed. If someone would help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! :D

First and foremost, Circ03 assumes powering the motor in effect from your USB port. Wrong! USB can supply only a few milliAmps and the motor needs much more.

Like you, I struggled to get the blighter to go before I eventually realised the problem. You need an extra power-supply (battery?) just for the motor. (Or an external 9V wall-wart, which can plug into the Uno's power-connector.)

Simplest is to connect Gnd to the Uno Gnd, as shown at the bottom of Circ03 diagram, and the Orange lead to Pin 9 also as shown. (These are the only two connections to the Uno.)

Connect your battery, -ve to Gnd and +ve to where they show a red-lead to 5V.

If you do have a wall-wart, you can connect just as their diagram, though it must be the daftest diagram ever drawn!

The motor leads do NOT go to the Arduino. One goes to power +ve (the leftmost column of holes in the diagram) and the other to the transistor's Collector. Then the Diode connects across the motor's leads. It may be easier to put the diode from the power rail to the Collector and the motor's second wire directly to the Collector as well. This will cut out half the jumble of leads shown on the diagram and will look more like the Schematic.