Explanation and need help

Hey can anyone provide or explain step by step how all components and other cirquits should be connected. My English is not the best and i am having a really hard time firguring out how to connect all these things. thanks. If you can guide me trough this there will be a little reward afterwards to say thank you :slight_smile: !

That’s the project i am trying to make

thank you

That’s a surprisingly good Instructable for a first-timer.

With the instructions and diagrams given, what are your specific questions?
If you work through that guide slowly, I think you will get 80% through before you need specific help.

I don’t think you should try ‘expanding’ on that design, until you have some deeper understanding of how the individual pieces work.
The hardest & most expensive thing to source/choose will be the food-grade pump/valve mechanisms.
But overall, it looks like a really good starter project with just the right amount of challenges and reward.