explanation on "unread posts" please?

ey ey

In the past, when I logged in and went to "unread posts" I would see my own posts which had been replied.

Lately, when I go to "unread posts" I see a (big) list of posts with which I have nothing to do. Neither I wrote them, answered them or even looked at them.

how is this supposed to work?

It's supposed to show you all threads that have been changed, and which you have been looking at.
Sometimes you see some thread popping up in that list, which you never have opened before.
This is the only way you can do something similar to what you are used to, since the "upgrade".
One of the administrators recently mentioned they are real close to solving the problems.
But then again, that's been told before during the past half year.

It plain doesn't work camilozk, been broke since the "upgrade".