Exploded voltage regulator


after search on e-bay I found that there’s no stroboscopes available, so I decided to make one on my own. Task being relatively easy I didn’t do much circuit testing and after powering Arduino Nano it’s voltage regulator literally exploded.

The question is - is there any use to replace it or the chip should be fried?
Also I cant read component name anymore as there is none. Will any 5V regulator do?


Edit: ok, obviously it was a dumb question about chip as no one can really check that but me. Still is there anything specific about regulators for Arduino?

Check - http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardNano - section schematics

Thank you. Unfortunately I couldn't find any of these in local stores. Never had experience with voltage regulators, but I hope there's nothing special about one for arduino (is there?), so I'm thinking to substitute with this one (LM2937IMP5.0/NOPB): https://www1.elfa.se/data1/wwwroot/assets/datasheets/07326650.pdf Pinout/package seems to be the same, voltage ranges too.

It would help if you knew exactly what you did wrong to blow it up. Does your board still work with the USB connected to it, if not changing the regulator is not going to help.

Even a short circuit on the power regulator would not make it explode so it sounds like you let the high voltage from your stroboscope get into the board. Can you post a schematic of what you attempted to run.

What did you do that made it explode? Did anything else get zapped as a result?

Can it still be programmed, is it OK with V_usb? Have you tried powering the Nano with an external 5V supply (to "5V" and "GND")?

At this rate, leastways for the present, you might consider staying with an off-board 5V source (based on a 7805), until your situation stabilises.

I have LCD module to show/change frequency and it seems it was leaking somewhere, because when I disconnected backlight it went dimmer but was still on. I resoldered everything and it seems to work fine now, though it is strange because nothing basically changed. As for Arduino it seems to be perfectly fine working from 5V and what a bit strange to me - it also works Ok if I connect 5V to Vin. May the regulator be still alive (there's a small hole in the middle of it) or it's just completing the circuit? How to check that?

(there’s a small hole in the middle of it)

It is as we say in electronics FUCT (Further Use Completely Terminated)

and it seems it was leaking somewhere,


  1. they don’t leak
  2. that would not blow a hole in a regulator.

I think you will never know what you did until you do it again.