Export only one binary file

Hi everyone,
when I export binary file of my code Arduino IDE give me 3 files, (with bootloader, without bootloader, and lst file)
I want it to give me the (without bootloader) file only

is there any method to do that??
thank you

Here is the method:

Information about the build hooks that were used to delete the build output files here:

If you are modifying an existing boards platform, you might find this feature useful:

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thank you for your quick reply
I didn't understand what to do exactly, I've read the links but didn't understand
can you explain the steps please ?

Please tell us why you want to do this thing.

Why not just ignore the extra files?

because I make a lot of arduino files and upload them using AVRDUDESS, I don't want every time to check which is the right file
it's better to remove the unwanted files.
Thanks for your replies