extend the 5v range of the analog pins

hi, is it possible to extend the range of the analog pins to check a higher amount of voltage? lets say 10, and it will show '1023' on the serial screen when it got the 10v.

The Voltage Divider is your friend.


thanks very much, i drawed a little schematic with Vin, Vout and 2 resistors, the Vout is 5v and the Vin is 12v, i was still missing one variable on the equation 5/12=R2/(R2+R1) i decided that R2=1000ohms, considering that resistors have a limitted wattage they can handle, and the higher the ohms are, the lower the wattage is. which means that R1 needs to be 1400 ohms.

i checked just to make sure the values are ok. I = 12/2400 = 0.005,

Vr2 = 0.005*1000 = 5

thanks :)

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