Extended Ascii via serial.print ?

Let me start by explaining that I am an absolute beginner!

I am playing with a DS18B20 and displaying the temp in the serial monitor. That is working, but I was just trying to show the temp with a degree symbol like... °C. I can't seem to figure out how to send the degree character (248). Any tips?

Thanks for the help. I'm also workign on figuring out how to display the temp in °F. I'm new to electronis and C, so this is all making me scratch my head a lot.



Serial.print(248, DEC);


Serial.print(0xF8, BYTE);

Should tho :smiley:

In 'Standard' ASCII, the maximum character code is 127 (hex ff)

The definition of 'Extended' ASCII depends on who is extending it... in other words there really is no one single code you can use for the degree symbol.

Found it…

Serial.print(176, BYTE);