Extended frame CAN bus protocol using UNO + MCP2515 problem

Hello everyone !
This topic is related to MCP2515 with quartz 8mhz,
which I would like to use to read, write extended CAN frames.

I`ve got a model which is constantly sending few frames like fe. temperature.
temperature is sent using 3rd and 4th byte of message ID 18FEF517
Please find confirmation in the attached shot from “CANNY7” CAN sniffer.

Other frames are: VIN no, and remote requests as the instrument cluster is “stand alone” and missing other ECU`s.
I would like to add that using vendor Kvaser and VS I was able to get those,
where in my model the temp sensor is changed to a 10 Kohm potentiometer- works fine, certain bytes are changed like below:
var temp1 = Convert.ToInt32($"{dana[4]:x2}{dana[3]:x2}", 16);
decimal temp2 = temp1 * (decimal)0.03125;
afterwards it is displayed in a program - works.

Now I would like to make a stand alone CAN receiver using MCP2515 and UNO.
Unfortunately sth is going wrong as Im not receiving anything. Tried on three set of cables, also Leonardo and nano. When I disconnect INT, so it is floating, Ive got a printout :ID 0 received

question one: Can sbd explain me please how to place filters and mask on a extended frame format ?

in example of the temperature containing frame 18FEF517 ?
devide those into MSB and LSB ? and what next ?
11xMSB(1 1000 1111 11) 18xLSB(10 1111 0101 0001 0111)

question two: can You guide me how to receive extended frames ?
( if it is even possible to get those using MCP2515 with arduino - data sheet states it is possible)
have sbd done that ?

question three: Ive used libaries as: mcp2515.h,MCP-CAN_lib-master, arduino-mcp2515-master, ACAN2515 but not even one works for me - or Im writing sth wrong. Can You hit me with a suitable example ?

question four: As the MCP2515 bord is connected to MOSI,MISO,SCK,CS - can it be that uploading a sketch, Ive damaged SW in the MCP bord ? Ive got two, with the same result.

If I`ve done sth wrong when typing my first post - please excuse me for being a newby.

looking forward for Your hints.

the purpose of my work is to make my own telematics device.
Thanks & BR

consider this one UP

I used a Seeed CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 to create a Canbus Monitor which will display standard and extended frames

C# and Java programs run on a PC host to display the information