Extending compiler-error-message "No such file or directory" for better guiding to the real reason

Hi Everybody,

yesterday I had a problem with a compiler-error "no such file or directory" where the real reason that caused the error was very hard to find.

If a library is created with all the additional files and subfolders like

  • examples
  • src
  • keywords.txt
  • readme.md


- library.properties

the structure must fullfill a certain detail
which user in0 found the reason to make it work:
The meaning of this picture is

if there is a file library.properties in combination with a subfolder src
all sourcecodefiles must be inside the subfolder src

like this

there is the subfolder languages which contains additional *.h-files

If these conditions are not fullfilled the compiler complaints

"no such file or directory"

This short message Leads the user astray !
This message should be extended to tell WHERE the compiler was looking for it

no such file or directory found in subfolder "src"

or including the hole path

no such file or directory found in "F:\MyPortable-PRgs\arduino-1.8.16\portable\sketchbook\libraries\KeyboardUTF8\src"

So from where does the Arduino-IDE take the characters to show the message

Additionally what is the place to send this message to to get it as close as possible to the people that develop the Arduino-IDE?

best regards Stefan

The Website and Forum section?

I don't think so this forum section is for
Improvements for the web system, applications to moderator, spam, etc.

But this is something about improving the Arduino-IDE the arduino.exe running on the users own computer

How about this place on GitHub?

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Yes I think this is the right place
thank you

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