Extending connections to Ethernet Shield 2

Using: arduino mega and Ethernet shield 2.

My case does not have enough height to stack the shield on the arduino normally. So I made up some extension jumpers. (there may be ones I can buy but am not aware of them) Using the jumpers, I can place the Arduino and shield side by side. The jumpers are 6 inches long.

With the jumpers the Ethernet shield does not seem to work. Specifically, I get no web page in the web browser.

I jumpered all but the digital and analog pins except for digital pins 0, 1, and 4. Those I did jumper.

Did I miss anything? Thoughts?

Did you get Ground, 5V, RESET ?

A module like THIS can be run on jumper wires..

Got it working now. I had to Additionally jumper digital pins 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Not sure I needed to add all four, but it now seems to be working properly. ( I can view the web page)

Please comment.