Extending DS18B20


I know that this subject has already been covered in the forum but unfortunately It did not help me at all.

I have two DS18B20 thermistors connected to arduino as shown in link below. They are directly connected to breadboard and I want to extend the thermistors using a F-M jumper cable. When I did that, the temperature readings started to be constant at -172C and the thermistors were extremely hot.

What do you think was wrong?

Circuit schematic: http://www.best-microcontroller-projects.com/image-files/ds18b20-arduino-breadboard-2devices.jpg

Thank you, Mr. Kaan Yılmaz

They aren't thermistors, they are temperature sensors. If a DS18B20 gets very hot it usually indicates that you've wired it up incorrectly.

Your diagram shows that you have the left one wired up in parasite mode and the right one wired in non-parasite mode. You can't mix those two modes. Either they are all parasite, or none of them is. I don't know if this could also cause them to get hot but you should wire them both up the same way and try again.