External 16MHZ Resonator issues.

I ordered ACH-16.000MHZ-EK.

I thought it would be the 2 pin crystal but turned out to be a 4 pin "Resonator". Wish it was labeled properly on mouser.

At any rate, I am trying to power it up with the 5vdc from Arduino and using the pin outs in the document above.
It seems to be drawing too much current because the Arduino turns off. Seems to be shorting out. As soon as I unplug the resonator, everything is normal on Arduino. I tried both with and without pin 1 pulled high. What gives? Does this thing overload Arduino? I don;t have any other things drawing from Arduino at this time. Maybe it is bad? I thought I may have detected a wiff of the secret smoke earlier but I could not find any problems. I don't want to smoke another one until I know what is going on :slight_smile:

Thank You.

Sounds like you might have missidentified the pins.
It says crystal on the data sheet, resonators are ceramic, what makes you think it is a resonator?

Because it has 4 pins and the only thing I can find anywhere on the internet that looks like it is a ceramic resonator :slight_smile:

Either way, I have checked and rechecked the pins against the white paper. Maybe the white paper is wrong? Not like that ever happens LOL. How to determine the right pin out?

Thank You.

Ahh Crap....I just realized. It's probably a bottom view and not a top view. I hate it when they do that LOL. Let me check that.

It has one sharp corner and three rounded ones, that helps you get it right.

It helped me get it wrong LOL. Frikin manufacturers. Don't label your drawings or use standard views or anything. Sheesh. I thought it was a top view so I hooked it up that way. Turns out it was a bottom view so it was reversed. It's working now.

So I should be able to just pump it into pin 9 on the Atmega now? Need any caps like the 2 pin version?

Thank You.

[quoteNeed any caps like the 2 pin version?][/quote]
No, just connect it directly in.

Note ther are two standard ways of doing a mechanical drawing.
British first angle projection
American third angel projection.

It looks like third angle projection to me.

I just meant label it top or bottom or side or whatever LOL. I'm sure that is good practice on both sides of the pond :slight_smile:

Sorry nobody lables things top and bottom, it is just not done with professional drawings. The relationship is defined by the projection method. You see what is top and bottom anyway?

For first angle projection the top and bottom views would be swapped over, that is all.

Because it has 4 pins and the only thing I can find anywhere on the internet that looks like it is a ceramic resonator :slight_smile:

It is just what it looks like - a crystal oscillator, not a bare crystal or a resonator. This means you need do nothing other than feed it the specified voltage for its internal excitation circuitry. It is neither necessary nor possible to influence the frequency in any way by loading capacitors or such. The only requirement, is a 0.1µF bypass capacitor on the supply pins.