External battery for MKR1000

What battery characteristics do I need to look for in order to power a MKR1000 for many weeks by battery? I presume a battery for an electric boat motor might be ok. And what do I need to do to the power, besides bring it down to 5V, to make it appropriate for use on the Vin pin?

Then, what tips and tricks are most appropriate for putting the unit into deepest possible sleep for 10 to 15 minutes at a time? I would like to have it take temperature measurements from a pair of DS18B20s a few times an hour and use as little energy as possible in between. I'm still working out the details of the transmission but I think I can keep it way under 50mA while active based on measuring while running the initial sketches I've been writing. Though I just realized that I forgot to test how much current the DS18B20s draw themselves while actually being read.

Hello @feerdableusmoek,

I stripped off a short USB cable at the Type A end and connected it to a battery. My arrangements are different from yours in the sense that I have dedicated power supplies (with common ground, of course) for example - LED strip, motor and other similar autonomous higher current solutions.

Kind regards.