external bluetooth and arduino-communic problem

please people you are the only one can help me. lets start

i have bought RN-41 bluetooth modem (http://gr.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=RN-41virtualkey66230000virtualkey765-RN-41).

i connected rx/tx of RN-41 with tx/rx of arduino. so i can have bluetooth communication (i know there is bluetooth arduino version but i want the cheapest way).

i installed the RN-USB-T (http://gr.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=RN-USB-Tvirtualkey66230000virtualkey765-RN-USB-T) USB stick in my computer with success

Now the problem:

the problem is that this stick creates 2 ports (COM10,COM11). The first one (COM10) is for sending data and the other one (COM11) is for recieving data. (Arduino finds both of them).

Becouse that i can only send data to arduino with Serial Monitor (arduino succed to read them, i know becouse with a simple code a led, turns on when i send 1 and turn off when i send 0).

But i cant read data from arduino. and i think becouse this modem uses 2 ports of that. (even if i couldnt read from COM11 port.....arggg). I tried with stand-alone arduino and i had the same problem

Is there any solution? please help me. do i need to buy another bluetooth modem? and if yes witch one?

A serial port is bi-directional. It seems strange that you should get one port for writing and another for reading.

Have you tried reading from the port that you can successfully write to? Or, are you explicitly trying to read from the other port?

yes i tried and i couldnt recieve data from the port that works

any idea?

finally it worked great by adding a 10K resistor betweenrx of bluetooth and tx of arduino, And a parallel 20k with the ground.

And this is becouse it needs 3.3v and not 5v of arduino.

i saw many people have this problem. i hope they will solve their problem

now i can send and recieave data via bluetooth, the only problem is that i cant upload code via the arduino program

is there any solution?

the only problem is that i cant upload code via the arduino program

is there any solution?

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but:

I had the same problem as acmiilangr with my RN-41, and fixed it by doing three things:

1: connect a 10K resistor between the RX of the bluetooth and the TX of the Arduino, and connect a 20K resistor between gound and the TX of the Arduino (as stated by acmiilangr above)

2: download and use the software suggested in this tutorial: http ://ww w.mitchellpage.com.au/research/?p=263 (please note, the download site for the toshiba bluetooth software has moved to: http ://ww w.cadmusmicro.com/downloads_bluetooth.htm)

3: Set the baud rate of the serial connection to 115200.

note: the software in #2 is a trial version, i believe. if anyone finds a better full version, please reply!

And to answer your question about uploading sketches over bluetooth, i do not believe it is possible. (source: http ://ww w.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/Tutorial01 see step 6)

sorry for the http ://ww w, but since i'm a new member, it will not allow me to post links.