external feed or PC feed ?

Hi there,

I did a project right here to a device that control 3 sensors and it will be used in the railroads of my city.
I just have one trouble with that, when i plug my arduino UNO on PC it is working pretty fine on the board, but this project is for railroads and I need it to work with bateries. My batery system is working because the red light of my arduino uno turns on but anyother thing happen. I mean my display does not turns on and even my sensors.
Does arduino have any problem when you use an external feed ? Is there anything that I can do to fix that ? Anyone else had that problem ?

Thanks so much for your attencion and I ll be glad for any help that you can provide.

Best regards.

Your power supply may not be powerful enough. Also the arduino is an AVR dev board NOT and industrial PLC replacement. Please be aware of this!

Yeah using a PLC will be to use a massive weapon gun to kill a small bee ...
What should i do in this case if the power regulator is not powerful enouth ?

Thanks for the help.

What battery are you using?

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