External fitted reset button

Hi All, I have a Uno with a cheap Chinese CNC shield fitted. Does any one know which pins on the shield can be used to connect an external push button to use as a reset.

Thanks in advance

Which shield exactly ?

Are all of the Uno pins, including reset, available on the shield ?

Hi, Its a V3 Engraver Shield 3D Printer CNC for arduino CNC Shield (red in colour)
There are a number of pins, none of which says reset

If it is a shield then it presumably plugs into the Uno and you should easily be able to see whether the reset pin is connected to the shield

Yes, the shield fits onto the Uno, the reset pins on the uno fit the shield, but as I said there is no designated pin on the shield itself that says reset. The only pins on the shield that may have some bearing are……..Abort- Hold-Resume- E,Stop?

So you know where the reset pin is on the shield and could solder to it

Is this the shield that you have https://www.amazon.co.uk/Forart-Engraver-Printer-Expansion-Mega2560/dp/B07S8H1P1W

Yes, thats the one…….can't solder on to the pin of the Uno as it fits up into the shield (no access to it) and I dont fancy soldering onto the bottom of the Uno

Why not solder onto the top of the shield ?

What is the purpose of the TACT button on the shield

Thanks for your help, I will check that out in the morning…. Cheers

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