External housing enclosures for a PSU?

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone had any 'pre-made' solutions for housing a 5v/75w psu into some sort of enclosure? Ive seen loads of these project type ABS enclosures on aliexpress and ebay but none seem to be the right size! The psu i have is: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/75W-5v-15a-switching-power-supply-for-led-strip-light-mini-size-ms-75-5v/837706517.html but i essentially want to convert this into a desktop type psu.

Ideally id just buy a 5v desktop adapter but i need approx 14a for a bunch of 5v LED strips so the psu box seemed a better/ cheaper alternative. I cant house the psu in my project as its too large - has anyone got any suggestions? Alternatively would a 12v 7a desktop adapter connected to a couple of 5v8a bucks work? (not read up on how they actually work - im assuming lower voltages means more current on them).

cheers, Carl.

Bud has some cheap project boxes that should be about that size. I don't see any measurements in that link, but if its the same as the PSU I have, this box should be close: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/21-4810

If you are going for an enclosed box, particularly a weather sealed box, I would check whether your PSU produces heat that must vented away from the PSU. In an open system, heat build up may not be an issue, but if you put it in a sealed box, you may cook the components.

hmm yeh ive seen those boxes, but its not really what im after.
I was hoping there might be something out there that had a pre fitted power connector (or at least a hole for one) along with some venting and mounting.
Im not overly familiar with these psu’s but i assume they have some sort of standardised mounting holes much like the ATX psu’s in a PC? Its hard to determine as most of the specs are from chinese vendors who im pretty sure fiddle with them to suit their needs…

ill keep on looking, and might have a read up on how these DC-DC buck converters work to see if a high power 12v desktop supply will be an easier/cheaper route.