External Interrupts with I2c

I'm going to use I2c on my Yun, I'll connect some PCF8574 chips and I was going to connect it with Interrupt line.
The problem is that as I checked the docs it seems that Yun with I2c connection doesn't have free External Interrupts pins

External Interrupts: 3 (interrupt 0), 2 (interrupt 1), 0 (interrupt 2), 1 (interrupt 3) and 7 (interrupt 4). These pins can be configured to trigger an interrupt on a low value, a rising or falling edge, or a change in value. See the attachInterrupt() function for details. Is not recommended to use pins 0 and 1 as interrupts because they are the also the hardware serial port used to talk with the Linux processor. Pin 7 is connected to the AR9331 processor and it may be used as handshake signal in future. Is recommended to be careful of possible conflicts if you intend to use it as interrupt.

Is it posssible to somehow resolve this problem?

Well the way i see it you are kinda stuck because:
3 (interrupt 0) I2C
2 (interrupt 1) I2C
0 (interrupt 2) SERIAL
1 (interrupt 3) SERIAL
7 (interrupt 4) AR9331

So to me seems like only 3 and 2 would be really available to you but if you use them for interrupts you cannot do I2C at the same time, at least thats what i think.
In my project i had to use both so what i did i used a PROmini talking to the YUN throuh softserial and the PROmini i used the interrupts and I2C to collect my data... not convenient, but i could not think of something else :confused:

Well, I never used them but you can find some libraries that implement i2c in software, without using interrupts so you're free to choose all the available PINs.

For example:

let us know how they work!

Yun doesn’t support PCINTs?

i2c is not my problem. The problem is lack of Interrupts when you want to use I2c on Yun

Good point , i'll try PCINT. Hope it works with Yun


my suggestion is that, using a Soft i2c library, you can free the "hardware" i2c pins for other uses...