external libraries in the online IDE

In my efforts to use the multi function board, I tried to compile and load thru the online IDE.
Since MultFuncLib was missing, I uploaded it, but then I got a message that a product file should be uploaded too.
How can I create/get/access such a product file?

Please help

I'm not familiar with this message. Please post the full and exact text of the message or a screenshot of it.

Please post a link to where you downloaded the MultFuncLib from.

The MultiFuncLibrary was downloaded from

A screenshot of the import of the library after a first compile trial without the library inmported is attached

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It requires a "properties" file.

Some older libraries that users upload may not be fully compliant with Create or in some cases the desktop IDE.

You can see the changes here

IIRC Per may have some more insight on this.

Unlike the Arduino IDE, the Arduino Web Editor requires all libraries to have a library.properties file, the format of which is documented at the link ballscrewbob provided. In order to import the MultiFuncShield library to Arduino Web Editor, you must add a library.properties file. I went ahead and did that for you in the .zip file attached to this post. Just download that file and import it into the Arduino Web Editor.

MultiFuncShield-Library.zip (14.8 KB)

Thanks for your tip… the MultiFuncLib was now imported.
I did the same trick with softI2c…
The online ide is now complaining on file arduino.h… pls refer to file attached
How can I solve this?

The problem is that the library author was very sloppy about the case of the filenames in their #include directives. The file is Arduino.h, not arduino.h. Although this doesn't matter when you're using a filename case-insensitive operating system like Windows (which apparently the library author was), on a filename case-sensitive OS like Linux, you need to get the filenames exactly right. Here's how you can work around the issue:

  • Download my fixed version of the library: https://github.com/per1234/AIStarter/archive/fix-arduino_h-capitalization.zip
  • In the Arduino Web Editor, click on "Libraries" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the upward pointing arrow button (Import).
  • If you get a message about importing your sketchbook, click "Import".
  • Select the downloaded file.
  • Click the "Open" button.
  • Wait until you see a message telling you the library was successfully imported.

I have submitted a pull request to fix these errors in the AIStarter library to save others from experiencing the same trouble: