External Power Options

Hello. I'm using an Arduino Mega to control 9 standard servo motors. I'm trying to figure out what options I have for powering the whole setup autonomously without having to have it plugged into the USB.

Thanks!! :D :D

2 battery packs. 5 C-cells for the Mega, connect to Vin. Maybe Ds if you want it to run a long time. Or AAs if you can live with less. Or rechargeables. Whatever you need for the servos. Connect battery negatives and arduino ground together.


Do you mean two packs of 5 batteries each?

Also to clarify: are the motor's positive charges connected to the arduino or directly to the battery pack?

Motors + go to battery pack. Connect all grounds.

Batteries - maybe 5 AAs for the Mega, and 5 C-cells for the servos. Seperate battery packs tho.