External Power Supply ESP32 with 9V Adaptor


I’ve ESP32 DEVKIT V1 and 9v Adaptor power supply.

Can I power the modules via VIN connections with the custom 9V 2A adaptor directly?

This is my project block diagram


I am glad about any help. Thank you!

What are the total current requirements of the sensors and relay connections that will be using the 9V?

I have tried using 800ma 5V regulators for the ESP32 developer boards. 800ma did not seem to be enough as the regulators only lasted a few months. I have had great success with just supplying 3.3V directly to the ESP32.

About that 9V, you know the ESP32's regulator is going to drop that down to 3.3V and that 9 minus 3.3 volts will go to waste as heat?

Whow, a diagram showing the overview!
The powering of relay 1, 2 and 3 is absent. Only number 4 has 12 volt supply. Likely drawing mistakes...

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I want to use DFRobot SKU SEN0161v2 and DS18B20 sensors,
and at the 4 Channel Relay, I've
2x Micro Submersible Pump 5v 200mA and
1x Mini Submersible Pump 6V 500mA, but
I power the Peltier and Heatsink with the other 12V power supply on relay 4 common

Can you explain where the mistake was please, I just want to supply the Peltier and fan with 12V requirements, and relay 1, 2, and 3 is absent because I think the relay get supply voltage from the microcontroller. Guide me, please...

You can't supply relay power from the controller.

As stated in post #6, do not supply the relay board with 5V power from the MCU. Which makes another case to supply the ESP32 with 5V instead of 9v.

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