External Power Supply for LEDs and Bluefruit


I'm currently trying to use a Bluefruit LE Shield and Adafruit Dotstar LEDs at the same time (bluetooth receives info from app). I'm using a 5V DC power supply for this. I've got the 5V DC going to a connector jack that goes to the VIN pin directly with a wire. When previously testing without any wiring, the shield worked fine and I was able to connect to it through the app. (Using a USB connector and 5V power supply with the connector jack on the arduino board worked for the LEDs and an HC-05 device previously without the shield. The HC-05was connected through 5V pin and the LEDs through the VIN pin). Now, the LEDs work fine but the Bluefruit won't connect to my app (the mode button blinks red 3 times then stops, then repeats). I really need some help on how I should be wiring my power. Thanks.

Post a picture of your wiring diagram. The Vin goes through the regulator and is for voltages somewhat higher than 5 volts. Look at the data sheet for your particular Arduino device to be sure, but if you have a regulated 5 volt supply, it should go to the 5V pin on the Arduino.

Sorry for the late replay. Here is the schematic: http://imgur.com/ClIG7V0

Here are some pics of the actual project: