External power to 5 servos

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I'm realizing a project which requires the use of 5 servos which must be powered at the same time. They require between 4.8 and 6 Volts and a 2A current. When I try to power them up just with arduino of course they draw too much current, so they are not working. How could i solve this problem?


Use an external power supply definitely. Do not try to power servos from the board directly, you will destroy the board.

And connect the gnd of the Arduino to the gnd of the servo power supply, so the servo signal has a gnd reference.

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Something like the above.
Note that many examples online will show a breadboard in the mix. A breadboard is good for quick prototyping.
It is NOT good for large current applications like servos. A single, unloaded servo may work. But multiple servos create the risk of burning a trace in the breadboard.

On one project with multiple servos, I used a 3 row male header.
I soldered a wire across all the grounds and soldered the ground from the power supply to that (with a lead to the arduino for common grounds)
I soldered a wire across all of the power and soldered the 6v from my supply to that. You can use whatever voltage level your servos support.
I soldered a lead from each signal pin and plugged the other end in to the appropriate pin on my arduino.
Then I plugged all the servos in to the header.

Hi guys, thanks for the answers. Now i'm sure that i have to use an external power supply. Since i don't want to make a mistake, could you post the link to buy them?


edit: and a wired holder

edit2: But really, there is another discussion that would be a good idea to have. How long do you want these to run?