External push button for Promini


I am using Promini (3V,8MHz) and would like to connect a external push button for the reset button on the arduino.
The Arduino is mounted in an enclosure that makes reaching the reset button inconvenient.
Could anyone tell me the way to do this?

Thank you

Connect 2 wires to Reset & GND on the ICSP header.
I use terminated wires from pololu.com for things like that. Very convenient to populate wires in a crimp housing and then just push them on the pins. Take a female-female wire, cut in half, solder the cut ends to the switch.


The ICSP pins on the promini are on pins 11,12 and 13.
These pins are to be connecetd to reset and ground ?
I have a micro Sd breakout board connected to those pins.
Is it okay if I connect a push button using those pins?

No. I misunderstood (I was not reading that as a Promini in the box). There is a 6 pin header on one end of the Promini, Reset/Gnd are available on those pins.
Reset is the hole above GRN in the lower right corner, GND is the hole below BLK in the upper right corner.
Or just the two pins along the top edge labeled GND & RST.

The GND and RST pins are to be connected to the ICSP pins 11,12,13?

Can I not connect RST and GND to the push button ?

Correct, connect GND & RST to the button. Not to 11-12-13.

Thank you.
Also, the push button does not require any programming right? It will function just as the reset button which is on the promini.?

Yeah, grounding RST will reset the chip - thats all the reset button does

Thank you.