External Reference with Portenta

Hello Everyone:

I am trying to use external reference voltage with Portenta H7. However, I consistently get this message ''EXTERNAL was not declared in this scope''. I have checked the Arduino forum and found out that some of the other users have the same issue. Can you provide your comment, please?

Thank you

According to documentation the EXTERNAL macro is only used in AVR microcontrollers.

For Portenta there is no section (yet).

According to documentation this is for mbed-enabled boards but it says NANO 33 BLE only:

Arduino mbed-enabled Boards (Nano 33 BLE only): available when using the Arduino mbed-enabled Boards platform, or the Arduino nRF528x Boards (Mbed OS) platform version 1.1.6 or later

  • AR_VDD: the default 3.3 V reference
  • AR_INTERNAL: built-in 0.6 V reference
  • AR_INTERNAL1V2: 1.2 V reference (internal 0.6 V reference with 2x gain)
  • AR_INTERNAL2V4: 2.4 V reference (internal 0.6 V reference with 4x gain)

I've been trying myself with no luck so far. I have only got the default 3.3V working but it's very noisy.

Very keen to find out when this will be added!


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