External storage

I am working on a project for school where I need to sample 7 analog sensors at 100Hz and store the data. I am hoping to use the Arduino Nano for this, but most of the similar projects I'm reading about online seem to involve much slower sampling rates.

I'm hoping to be able to store the data in plain text files to an SD card or USB flash drive. Can anyone suggest a solution that would be fast enough to keep up with this sampling rate? For 7 inputs of 10 bits at 100Hz, I imagine the Ardiuno needs to be able to write to the memory at at least 7 kbps (or much faster than this so that there's time leftover for other processing)

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Richard! Now that that's cleared up I'm still concerned about how fast I'll be able to write to external storage. For each sample I need to write 70 bits to USB or an SD card, does anyone know if that can be done fast enough?

you can run the SF OpenLog at 115200kbps. http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9530 I am using one, however, I don’t have it set up that fast. Nice little logger.

Thanks for the help, that looks like it'll do the trick!

OK, Flyboy, what did it take to get your OpenLog to work? I’ve spent several nights on mine and it will not function.
My uSD card was already formatted when I got it… When I put the card in, I do NOT get any “error” codes on the LEDs. So it should function. However, it will not write any files.