External supply reversed! Supply connector not working!

So this friend of mine and I were playing with our arduinos and on his way back our 9V connector plugs got exchanged. Now this stupid had connected red to the negative supply of the plug and black to the positive.

We're working on a project, so for testing I used it, I just connected red to +ve and black to -ve of my battery.

So all in all, the polarity got reversed when connected to arduino. Now the power plug isn't working anymore :frowning: .

I guess must be some diode damage.

Can it be fixed?

I have a mega 2560 R3

Depends on what tools and skills you have.

You OK with SMT devices and have the equipment for that ?
Also think there is one of the members here that can do that type of repair too "Crossroads"

The power jack on the Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 has a diode to protect against reversed power (See top left of the schematic: File Not Found). You should not be able to damage it with -9V on the power jack.