External Voltage power for multiple stepper motors

I am a student extremely new to working with Arduino. Currently, I have naturally run into a voltage problem while planning a system of 10 stepper motors.

I am unsure how to supply extra voltage to my Arduino, and what exactly I need to acquire. Where should I connect these components that I might need?

I am using an Arduino Mega, with basic 28BYJ-48 5V DC stepper motors.

All kinds of known motors need to be powered from an external source directly.
Powering the controller is a separate task. Safe practise is to not feed a controller from the same source powering motors.

I'm not familiar with your stepper motors, however reading this link it appears each servo can draw 230 ma.

So for 10 steppers you will need 5V 2.3Amps + some safety margin. I think a 5V 4 or 5A supply will do the job.

I would wire it like this: Note the wires are shown depict the suggested wiring location. i.e. all power and ground wires should be at the power supply terminals. The capacitors (0.1µF and 100µF) should be wired as close to the Arduino as possible.