Externally driven counter at 120 kHz

Hi, I am attempting to implement a counter that can be read by the PC relatively quickly (10 ms or faster), for a 120 kHz digital signal. Would this be possible with Arduino? I understand the clock rate is 16 MHz, but am a little wary because the read/increment loop would have to update quickly (at least 2x clock rate or 240 kHz). If not possible with Arduino directly, would adding an IC then interfacing with Arduio help ?

Thanks for any advice.

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Can you read back your post?
Where is the 120kHz signal?
Do you want the Arduino to count the signal and pass onto the PC the frequency as a value?
Can you tell us the application?

If the signal is 120kHz all the time, why do you need to count it?

Have you googled arduino frequency counter

Can you post a simple diagram showing how you need to PC from 120kHz source?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

An internal counter can be used to count pulses in hardware.