extra features(colour sorting system)

i am currently doing a colour sorting machine.
Now, the machine can sort colours. it also have LCD display with counter.
i also connected it to the internet so that i can monitor the number of sorted objects.
Anything i can add to perfect my machine?

How about a bell, then you created the machine that goes ping!

I want a lego sorter. I want something that sorts legos by size and shape and color into piles or bins. So I can pour all of my kids legos back into a big hopper and sort them all out.

That's going to be a big machine, with at least dozens of output chutes!
I think I'll just leave it to the kid to sort his legos.

  • give the RGB values of an object

  • make it useful for colorblind, sort objects on their grayscale (intensity - instead of color)??

  • make a system that searches for a matching object

  • given 10 objects sort them so that colors that are near to each other are also near objects
    (create a 2D rainbow)

  • Add a tone(frequency), volume and duration to every color (which has 3 dimensions) so if you put 100 lego
    blocks in a row it whistle a song. Start with frequency first.